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Design support

Embedded engineering

At Sinewave we specialize in developing your idea or dream. Whether you just have an idea or already have a working prototype; together we will further develop this into a product or solution. Here the goal is set, the feasibility is tested and the optimal components are looked at.

We work together with our subsidiary , which has 1,200,000 components in its portfolio, which are continuously updated with an average of 50,000 new components per month.
Since with us the quality of the solution comes before the complexity and we are not afraid of a challenge, and we are not limited by existing solutions. If this application is not available, we will design it.

We know that at the beginning of a development process you know the least about the road you are going to take, by properly determining the goal and reflecting step by step, you will make the fastest and most efficient steps towards your final goal.
Because you can think freely with us and we will inspire each other, we help you to contribute to the development and growth of your innovation in a result-oriented way.

We create for you to help you further.