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Embedded engineering

MaConn is the Machine Connection and monitoring platform developed by us. This platform can be used in prototypes or small production series. Extensive connectivity options including LTE-M2, NB2-iot, GPS|GNSS, WiFi and BT5. Many IO options, ultra-low power, various sensors and battery power make this platform extremely versatile. Read our datasheet for more information.

MaConn mainboard
Overzicht van PCBA’s voor Comforest

We have developed the hardware and embedded software for Smart Indoor Climate, a.k.a. Comforest . An interplay of sensors, actuators and connectivity ensure the energy-efficient collection of environmental variables, the operation of the HVAC installation and other energy consumers in office buildings. In this way, Comforest makes an office building energy-efficient without losing comfort.

“Do you know it? You get off the train and look for your bike in the busy bicycle shed. But where was it parked? The Flash Bell, a handy bell that lights up on command, helps you with this. With the remote control with a range of up to 100m you can easily activate the bright flashing LED and quickly find your bike! We developed the electronics and embedded software for Flitsbel.

Flitsbel start-up
Adaptive Camouflage

Department of Defense – Adaptive Camouflage. Camouflage that adapts to the environment, not only optically in color, but also thermally! We have developed a technology demonstrator for the Ministry of Defense that does just that. This is done with specially developed thermochromatic paint, thermoelectric actuators and various connection protocols. The demonstrator was also remote controlled and could even change shape.

Rust Buster challenge. Ships, pipelines and other metal objects are always subject to oxidation. For decades this has been countered by ‘Sacrificial Cathodic Protection’. This has the major disadvantage that zinc or aluminum is sacrificed and must be replaced periodically. Sinewave has developed a POC based on ‘Active Cathodic Protection’ which achieves the same, without the need for periodic replacement of anodes. solutions are currently being sought to maintain this system autonomously.

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